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possible future directions are acceptance of levels, maps, tutorials, Level Spotlights, etc...

An old guidline for levels is below:

 Tips for Submitting  Files

Is it Finished? If you know you're going to update your level soon, wait until you update it and then send it. People don't want to have to check once a week to see if they have the latest version of your add-on. Don't send beta versions, and fix any known bugs that affect gameplay, such as bad player start-points or crashes. Remember people all over the world will be using your stuff!

README.txt Include a descriptive Readme.txt file (or better, youraddonname.txt). Providing too much info is better than not enough. Does your level require special settings to install or play properly? Any special features implemented? Who are you?

Use Your Zipper Compress your files using WinZip or a similar product. All submissions should be included within a single .zip file, unless otherwise noted. When including pics or screenshots, try to reduce the file size to minimize download time (send .jpg or .gif files, as the file sizes are much smaller than .bmp or .tga). There may be instances where the file type must be preserved, such as texture graphics (.tga, .pcx).

Example of old way

 Level or file Submission 

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