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Geometry ToolsRelease DateVersionAuthordescription
Level Editor06/18/2018V 1.0Revival ProductionsUsed to create customer levels for Overload
Level Editor07/05/2018V Build 33Revival ProductionsUsed to create customer levels for Overload
Productivity ToolsRelease DateVersionAuthordescription
Texture ToolsRelease DateVersionAuthordescription
LevelPost08/10/2018Version 2018.08.10Arne de BruijnPostprocess user-created levels to add custom textures
About the Game:About the creators:
Overload is a great 6DOF first person shooter. 6DOF means six degrees of freedom, so enemies can come from any direction. You can also fly in any direction as well. It has a multiplayer component that is still evolving, and a single player environment. In single player you can play a campaign or in challenge mode. What brings this game to GameEdit.Net is that you can create custom maps for any of the modes I mentioned. Check out the side bar for links to the official Overload content.I will leave this content to the official site, however I wanted to mention that many of the folks on this team worked on the original Descent series of games, so it is very Descent like. I could not be happier to see them back at it. Here is a direct link to their "Team" page! After reading about them make sure to stop by their forums or Discord to say hi and check out the game! Again those links are on the left...


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This game was created by Revival Productions. Copyright © 2018 Revival Productions, LLC

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